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Author Amanda Mixon

Boys Don’t Cry, Kimberly Peirce (1999)

The Illusionist, Dinitia Smith (1999)

All She Wanted, Aphrodite Jones (1996)

Woman Who Posed as a Man is Found Slain with 2 Others

Original Article

January 4, 1994 AP article in The New York Times, New York, New York

Teena Brandon

Original Article

December 8, 1999 AP article in Lodi News-Sentinel, Lodi, California

Judge awards $98,223 to mother of real-life Teena Brandon

Original Article

October 6, 2001 AP article in The Item, Sumter, South Carolina

Cross-dressing woman’s murder leaves authorities asking why

Original Article

March 14, 1994 Steve Kline article in McCook Daily Gazette, McCook, Nebraska

Fox settles lawsuit with woman depicted in film

Original Article

March 14, 2000 AP article in McCook Daily Gazette, McCook, Nebraska

Nissen: ‘I am the person who shot and stabbed Teena Brandon’

Original Article

September 19, 2007 Joe Duggan article in Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, Nebraska

AG to judge: Lotter’s death sentence remains in effect

Original Article

June 18, 2015 Lori Pilger article in Lincoln Journal Star, Lincoln, Nebraska

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