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Author Amanda Mixon

Teena Brandon killer tells new story

Original Article

September 21, 2007 AP article in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Former sheriff can’t be sued judge rules in Brandon case

Original Article

September 4, 1997 AP article in McCook Daily Gazette, McCook, Nebraska

Swank speech angers mother

Original Article

March 29, 2000 AP article in Sun Journal, Lewiston, Maine

Nebraska triple murder exposes odd deception

Original Article

January 3, 1994 AP article in Gadsden Times, Gadsden, Alabama

Town shocked over triple murder, woman’s identity

Original Article

January 4, 1994 Robynn Tysver article in McCook Daily Gazette, McCook, Nebraska

Nebraska is lukewarm on Hollywood version of slaying

Original Article

March 19, 2000 Phil Rooney article in Daily News, Bowling Green, Kentucky

The Humboldt Murders

Original Article

January 13, 1997 John Gregory Dunne article in The New Yorker, New York, New York

Rural tragedy sparked at movement

Original Article

December 28, 2003 Tara Godvin article in The Herald Journal, Logan, Utah

Death of a Deceiver

Original Article

January 1995 Erick Konigsberg article in Playboy, Chicago, Illinois

Court rejects more damages for mother of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ victim

Original Article

December 7, 2002 AP article in Ludington Daily News, Ludington, Michigan

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