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Julianne Pidduck’s “Risk and Queer Spectatorship”

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Pidduck, Julianne. "Risk and Queer Spectatorship." Screen 42:1 Spring 2001: 97-102. Print. Pidduck takes up several ethical issues involved in viewing Boys Don't Cry by hig...

Michele Aaron’s “Pass/Fail”

Original Source

Aaron, Michele. "Pass/fail." Screen 42:1 Spring 2001: 92-96. Print. Concerned with genre and spectatorship, Aaron suggests that the mainstream appeal of Boy Don't Cry is it...

Patricia White’s “Girls Still Cry”

Original Article

White, Patricia. "Girls Still Cry." Screen 42:2 Summer 2001: 217-221. Print. While noting criticisms of Boys Don't Cry's lack of "documentary fidelity," White asks us to co...

Melissa Rigney’s “Brandon Goes to Hollywood: Boys Don’t Cry and the Transgender Body in Film”

Original Source

Rigney, Melissa. "Brandon Goes to Hollywood: Boys Don't Cry and the Transgender Film." Queer Youth Cultures. Ed. Susan Driver. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, ...

Jack Halberstam’s In a Queer Time and Place

Original Source

Halberstam, Jack. In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies and Subcultural Lives. New York: NYU Press, 2005. Print. Three chapters of Halberstam’s book—Chapter 2 “The Brandon A...

Ann Cvetkovich’s “Epilogue” in An Archive of Feelings

Original Source

Cvetkovich, Ann. “Epilogue.” An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures. Durham: Duke UP, 2003. Print. Cvetkovich provides a concise review of h...

Lisa Duggan’s “Crossing the Line: The Brandon Teena Case and the Social Psychology of Working-Class Resentment”

Original Article

Duggan, Lisa. “Crossing the Line: The Brandon Teena Case and the Social Psychology of Working-Class Resentment.” New Labor Forum 13(3) Fall 2004: 37-44. Print. Writing amidst the “‘...

Jennifer Devere Brody’s “Boyz Do Cry: Screening History’s White Lies”

Original Article

Brody, Jennifer Devere. “Boyz Do Cry: Screening History’s White Lies.” Screen 43:1 Spring 2002: 91-96. Print. Situating Boys Don’t Cry within new queer cinema—which Brody a...

Lisa Henderson’s “The Class Character of Boys Don’t Cry”

Original Article

Henderson, Lisa. “The Class Character of Boys Don’t Cry.” Screen 42.3 Autumn 2001: 299-303. Print. In addition to critiques of the exclusion of blackness and lesbian recupe...

Carol Siegel’s “Curing Boys Don’t Cry: Brandon Teena’s Stories”

Original Article

   Siegel, Carol. “Curing Boys Don’t Cry: Brandon Teena’s Stories.” Genders 37 (2003). Web. 3 Feb. 2016. Siegel ...

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